Small Business Support

As a small business itself, Kern Law understands the challenges that small businesses in Las Vegas face. Operating your business without losing your profit margin, collecting receivables without spending as much as you’re owed, protecting yourself from catastrophic liability; these are all essential to running your business, and Kern Law can help with all of them.

Drafting Standard Forms

Does your business do a certain type of transaction very frequently? A few hundred dollars to get a standard form drafted for your most common transactions could prevent needing to spend tens of thousands of dollars in attorneys fees down the road when a dispute arises. We can easily draft up a basic form that you can use over and over, and that will keep you protected for years to come.

Contract Negotiation and Drafting

If you’re putting together a contract that will have a major impact on your business, the slightest difference in wording can be the difference between success and disaster down the road. Kern Law has the experience to expertly negotiate contract terms, and can ensure your final contract protects you and provides everything you think it does.

We can also draft the contract for you once the terms are settled, so the contract is clear, concise, and free of any mistakes that might cause problems in the future.

Litigation and Collection

Sometimes despite your best efforts, business deals go bad. When that happens, you need someone to fight for your business. Kern Law has the litigation experience to put you on the winning side in any dispute. We can both initiate and defend litigation, or seek collection of sums due, in Nevada and California state courts, as well as the Federal courts. Whether your needs call for a scalpel or a shotgun, Kern Law can provide it.

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